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Best Dinner Shows In Pigeon Forge

Dinner shows have been a long time attraction in Pigeon Forge and for great reason! Being able to enjoy a delicious meal while watching live performers entertain you is an absolute blast! Whether you’re looking to laugh, listen to live music, see stunning pyrotechnics, or just be entertained by overall talented performers, Pigeon Forge has it all. Dinner shows come in a wide variety nd if you continue reading, we’ll breakdown the best in the area for you!


dixie stampedeFirst and most popular is the Dixie Stampede. Opened up by Dolly Parton in both Branson, MO and Pigeon Forge, TN the Dixie Stampede has become a popular attraction in both cities. Being extremely family friendly, it offers a variety of entertainment that is suited for all ages. This entertainment includes music, comedy, horse riding stunts, special effects, and pyrotechnics. In addition to a fantastic show, guests can indulge in a delicious full course meal that is sure to leave you satisfied!



LumberjackSecond on our list of dinner shows is a new and upcoming attraction also created by Dolly Parton. It is set to open in May of 2016 and is called Dolly Parton’s Lumberjack Adventure. This live dinner show features grand sets equipped with state of the art lighting, sound, and special effects! The Lumberjack Adventure also features high flying acrobatics that are sure to impress! Combine all of these with a delicious meal and you’ve got a wonderful evening the entire family can enjoy!



hatfield-mccoy-dinnerNext on our list of dinner shows in Pigeon Forge is Hatfield & McCoy’s Dinner Show. This is a favorite to many travelers in the area. Featuring an all you can eat southern style meal, ensure you bring your appetite! You can choose from tasty fried chicken or delicious pulled pork with sides of mashed potatoes, creamy cole slaw, buttery corn, hearty soup, homemade bread, and a sweet desert. Did we mention the show? The show features knee slapping comedy that is sure to leave you breathless along with acrobatics, singing and dancing. Hatfield & McCoy’s Dinner Show is great for the family so make this a must see on your trip to Pigeon Forge!

Last on our list of great dinner shows In Pigeon Forge is The Grand Majestic Dinner Theater. The wonderful thing about The Grand Majestic Dinner Theater is its offering of not one, not two, but five separate dinner shows to choose from! These dinner shows include:




This dinner show is a tribute to the artists and Legends of Motown. It features songs from the famous Sam Cooke, The Drifters, Smokey Robinson, Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, and many more. This is a high energy show that will have you dancing and singing along!






For those who enjoy hit music from all generations, you’ll enjoy this stroll through the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and on! This dinner show features costumes from the era along with a special tribute to the wonderful men & women of our Armed Forces.



Hazard hoedown


If you’re a Dukes Of Hazard fan then this is the dinner show for you! You’ll recognize all of the Dukes along with some surprise guests who meet up at the famous Bears Nest for a good ol’ fashioned hoedown.



There you have it!  If you’re visiting Pigeon Forge and are looking for a great night on the town look give one of these fantastic dinner shows a shot.  You won’t be dissapointed!

Best Burger In Pigeon Forge

Best burger in Pigeon Forge

Best burger in Pigeon Forge

Where can we get the best burger in town?

This is a question that is often asked by many tourists when traveling to any destination. It seems every area has one or two spots that make a burger which is to die for, and I’m here to tell you about Pigeon Forge’s.

J.T Hannah’s is, in my opinion, the restaurant with the BEST burger in Pigeon Forge, hands down. Don’t get me wrong, there are other places that serve excellent burgers, but the variety, quality, and overall dining atmosphere make J.T Hannah’s rise above the rest!

Let’s start with variety. With nearly 10 burgers to pick from on the menu ranging from ½ pound of angus beef all the way to a heaping 1 pound of angus beef, you’ll be sure to leave full. The huge variety of burgers can please any palate. Whether you feel like a classic cheeseburger, a chili burger, or mexican burger, J.T Hannah’s has it all. The best burger on the menu and the one that has tourists coming back time and time again is the one pound burger. It even has it’s own name: You’re Killin Me!

Many will agree that there is a difference between a normal burger and a quality burger. When you order a burger and the waiter/waitress asks “how would you like that prepared”, you know that you’re in for a treat! While dining at J.T. Hannah’s you can expect to have quality food served by a friendly staff that make you feel right at home, which brings me to the overall dining atmosphere.

J.T Hannah’s is a restaurant with a lot of history behind it. J.T Hannah was a business man who operated a large freight warehouse and stockyards which distributed anything from alcohol to livestock to seafood around Eastern Tennessee. With a large business came a large labor force. It was common during this era to build bunk houses for workers and in addition to these bunkhouses came the addition of a kitchen and the best cook in the area to run it. Word spread far and wide of the great food coming from this excellent kitchen and it soon opened its doors to the public full time around 1930. All of this history can be found throughout the restaurant and it makes for a great atmosphere.

If you’re visiting Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg make J.T Hannah’s a MUST SEE stop for the best burger in town!  Read more about J.T Hannah’s here!

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