Shopping In Pigeon Forge

Shopping in Pigeon Forge is an activity many guests partake in. There are stores and shops everywhere that will cater to pretty much every need you have and most offer great deals, which everyone likes to hear! Let’s Start with one of the most popular shopping destinations in Pigeon Forge.

Shopping At Tanger Outlets

TangerTanger Outlets is a wonderfully designed outdoor outlet that offers nearly any name brand store you can think of. From clothing, to jewelry, to cutlery, you can find it all here. They even offer free wifi to customers all across the outlet’s property! The store hours are Mon.-Sat. 9am – 9pm and Sunday 9am – 7pm. If you’re looking for a one stop shop for all of your name brand needs, make a stop in at one of the best locations in Pigeon Forge…Tanger Outlets


Shopping At Three Bears General Store

Three-Bears-General-Store-1Next on our list of stores for shopping in Pigeon Forge is a step in the other direction. Three Bears General Store. Three Bears General Store is an incredible store located in down town Pigeon Forge immediately off of the Parkway. There is no other store like it in the area and the products they offer range in a vast number of categories. These include specialty food items, Pigeon Forge souvenirs, home décor, moonshine, puppets, toys, Christmas decorations, jewelry, etc… Also sold in the store is delicious homemade ice cream and fudge, which are both to die for! All of these items are wonderful on their own but there is something that makes Three Bears General Store one of the best shopping destinations in Pigeon Forge. Bring the kids along and make it a priority to stop in and see the live BEARS!! They are kept in a lovely habitat behind the store and for a very affordable price you can view them at your leisure. Kids love to feed the bears and the bears love it too!

Shopping At The Island In Pigeon Forge

IslandThird on our list of shopping destinations is The Island In Pigeon Forge. When I think about the shopping at The Island, I think of specialty shops. These are shops that you can find only here or at very few other locations in the U.S. They have about 60 specialty stores including but not limited to Ole Smoky Moonshine, Margaritaville Store, The Paula Deen Store, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Beef Jerky Outlet, Pepper Palace, etc… There are also several great restaurants to dine in while shopping Dick’s Last Resort, Paula Deens Family Kitchen and Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville.


This is by no means a full list of all shopping destinations in Pigeon Forge but they are the three most visited by tourists and are sure to keep you busy for an entire day or two. There are a few other outlets and clearance stores such as the Pigeon Forge Factory Outlets and the Nike Clearance Store. Please comment below to let other visitors know your favorite shopping locations in Pigeon Forge!

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