The Ultimate All-In-One Guide To Cheap Attractions In Pigeon Forge

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Pigeon Forge has many attractions and activities to see and do, many at a cost and many at no cost at all. The purpose of this guide to to help those looking for a fun and eventful experience, find it at a very affordable price! The price point we will target is $15 or less.  Here are a few worth mentioning.

Rocky Top Wine Trail 

Many may not know but the entire smoky mountain area with the exception of Gatlinburg is actually considered a dry county. This means that wines and liquors can not be sold within the county limits unless it is from an authorized distillery or winery or at certain licensed restaurants. With that said, there are 5 lovely wineries starting in Sevierville, stretching through Pigeon Forge, and ending in Gatlinburg. The wineries include:

Eagle Springs Winery
Hillside Winery
Apple Barn Winery
Mountain Valley Winery
Sugarland Cellars

It is an exceptional wine trail with enough choices to leave you welcomingly overwhelmed. From dry to extremely sweet, all 5 wineries offer a variety for all wine lovers. What’s the best part? All wine is produced locally, and did I mention that to partake in the tasting, it is free? Simply choose the winery that you’d like to start at and ask for the wine tour punch card. You can complete the tour in any order and on your own time. You can visit all in a single day or span the tour to last your entire vacation. Once you finish you will have a handful of souvenirs ranging from wine bottle openers, to wine glasses, to t-shirts. If you decide you absolutely love a particular bottle of wine, feel free to purchase it. They can even go as far as shipping as many bottles as you’d like to your home address so you can enjoy them year round!

Visit the Rocky Top Wine Trail Home Page

Three Bears General Store

When traveling through downtown Pigeon Forge on the Parkway, good shopping and treats can be had at nearly any location. Souvenirs, t-shirts, ice cream, etc…. One particular location to mention is a lovely all-in-one that has it all…including bears! Three Bears General Store is a multi-level store offering everything imaginable that most vacationers love to see and bring home as a souvenir from their Smoky Mountain vacation. They also offer some great tasting home made ice cream that is sure to hit the spot on a hot summer day. To top it all off, they offer an excellent bear exhibit in which you pay a very small fee to go and observe the Bears. Throughout the day they offer shows of the Bears being fed and vacationers can even participate in feeding them! Observing and feeding can all be had at a cost of less than $5.00!  Stop by this must see attraction for your chance to feed these amazing creatures!

Visit the Three Bears General Store Home Page

Alpine Coaster

Looking for a cheap thrill? Look no further as the Alpine Coaster of Pigeon Forge is the answer! With more than 1 mile of track and reaching speeds of nearly 30 mph, The coaster offers tons of fun at an affordable price with an adult ticket price costing just $15 (kids is less). It winds down the Smoky Mountain hillside through the woods offering a unique experience that most roller coasters don’t have. Be sure to stop by this must see attraction and have a blast of family fun!

Visit the Alpine Coaster Home Page

Xtreme Racing

Pigeon Forge offers a number of attractions including those for the competitive at heart . Bring the family and stop in at Xtreme racing to have a thrill packed experience in these extremely fast go-karts. Offering a variety of tracks at many different pricing levels, getting in on the action costs as little as $13. Fun can be had at all ages as your whip through the hairpin turns on elevated tracks that are over 1/4 mile in length. Stop by Xtreme racing to earn the bragging rights that will last the entire vacation!

Visit the Xtreme Racing Home Page

Smoky Mountain National Park (Cade’s Cove)

Everyone that visits  the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area should make it an absolute priority to enter the Smoky Mountain National Park. This well-known attraction truly is a thing of beauty offering stunning views, wildlife close-ups, crystal clear white water streams and endless trails. There is absolutely no cost whatsoever to enter the park and explore it’s many wonders of untouched natural beauty. There is even a paved trail that leads to a waterfall and is also stroller friendly (Laurel Falls). Bear, deer, trout, coyote, turkeys, raccoons, etc… can all be seen within the park. A highly recommended attraction within the park is Cades Cove. Located within a valley and offering a beautiful prairie setting with a mountain backdrop, Cades Cove has it all. Biking, Hiking, camping, or you can just drive the wonderful 11 mile loop. It was settled by Europeans in the 1800’s and several of the original structures still stand. It is s very historic place and also has some of the best wildlife viewing in the National Park.  Make this a priority during your vacation and you won’t be sorry!

Visit the Smoky Mountain National Park Home Page

Clingman’s Dome

Clingman’s Dome is a definite must see attraction that is free of charge.  Once atop this mountain peak you can feel like you on top of the world knowing that you are in fact sitting at the highest point in the Appalachian Mountain range.  Be sure to climb the observation tower that offers the best panoramic views in the entire southeast.  It is here that you can snap some of the best photos you could ever capture of the beautiful Smoky Mountains.  Bring them home to remember your vacation for a lifetime!  Clingman’s Dome is actually located at such a high elevation that it is mostly pine forest, as compared to the deciduous forest at the elevations below.

Learn More About Clingman’s Dome


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